ACSW 5th Grade

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Our Year-At-A-Glance

LANGUAGE ARTS - The skills taught in language include grammar (using the parts of speech correctly), mechanics (capitalization, punctuation, etc.), communication (using writing, listening,and speaking skills), and spelling skills.

READING - Reading in grade five is a continuation of the elementary developmental reading program. The major goal of the reading program is for children to understand, use, and enjoy written language. Progress is based on successful achievement in four major skill objectives: vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and life and study skills.

SCIENCE - Students will use the scientific method in labs to learn physical, earth, life, and environmental science. Objectives are met by hands-on activities, internet research and understanding of written material.

MATHEMATICS - Students will develop their understanding of whole numbers, fractions,decimals and percentages. They will explore various strategies to solve problems and will be asked to justify their thinking. Mental math and estimation skills will be practiced and improved throughout the year. Geometry, measurement and probability will also be covered.

SOCIAL STUDIES - This course is designed to help students develop an understanding of the United States. It provides a comprehensive study of our American history, resources, people, economics, government, and culture. Geography concepts are introduced and reinforced throughout the year.

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